Lisa de Haas, RN

Lisa graduated from Royal Alexandra Hospital School of Nursing in 1988 and has spent most of her career working in the OR specializing in neurosurgery and ENT. For the past seven years, she has practiced private plastic surgery while being a part-time office nurse. Lisa sees clients in the clinic and teaches pre-op and post-op procedures, she also removes drains, sutures, and other necessary procedures in the office.

Lisa works with PSA patients directly offering Latisse for enhancing eye lashes, a cellulite-reducing cream produced by Endor Technologies, and Stratadem and Strataderm to improve the appearance of surgical scars. She also helps patients find the right product for their skin using Allergan’s SkinMedica line. From pre-op to post-op, Lisa feels very fortunate to help her patients achieve their desired results in a comfortable setting.

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